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At some point, under uncertain circumstances, Powerhouse developed mutant powers and a strong hatred for humanity.

Beast was giving a lecture at ESU on genetics and Powerhouse decided to show up and send her anti-human message there. Simultaneously, a mutant hater called Masterblaster decided to make his presence and opinions felt at the same lecture. Though it is unclear whether one of them influenced the other's actions at the lecture, Masterblaster came to attack Beast, and Powerhouse attacked humans there and the Beast came to their aid and fought Powerhouse. They fought back and forth, with Powerhouse having the upper hand until Spider-Man showed up. While Spider-Man kept Powerhouse busy, Beast knocked out Masterblaster and the two proceeded to team up on Powerhouse, and defeated her, knocking her out. She was presumably taken into police custody.[1]

Wolverine and Warbird saw a news report of Powerhouse attacking the area around the U.N. building, where an international debate on human-mutant relations was to happen. She was attacking everything in sight as a symbol of the way humans' attitude towards mutants was. Before long, Wolverine and Warbird joined the fight, and Wolverine was flown into the air and landed on top of Powerhouse so they could fight. However, Powerhouse started draining Wolverine's energy and Warbird was doing more harm than good because she was drunk and being very reckless with her energy blasts. Eventually, Powerhouse knocked out Warbird. Without the drunk Warbird to get in his way, Wolverine managed to defeat Powerhouse.[2]

Powerhouse joined with Masterblaster in robbing a local bank, but were interrupted by Spider-Man, who defeated the duo. One of the men present at the bank at the time of the hold-up became infatuated with Powerhouse, and subsequently visited her in prison, which he intended to continue to do every two weeks for the next seven years, as she served her sentence.[3]

Powerhouse may have lost her mutant powers after the events of M-Day.



Psychic Vampirism: Powerhouse has the ability to drain energy from other living things to increase her own power. She can absorb energy through physical contact with a victim, even brief contact like a punch.

Self-Propelled Flight: She has demonstrated the ability to fly.

Concussive Blasts: Powerhouse can also shoot destructive energy blasts.

Superhuman Strength: She also possesses superhuman strength to an unknown degree.

However, it is unknown if she has any of these powers unless she has absorbed sufficient amounts of energy or whether they are independent within her. It is also unknown if she requires this energy to survive and if so, how often she needs to feed.


Powerhouse bears a striking resemblance to Rapture from Savage Dragon comics who was also created by Erik Larson.

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