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At Watts' apartment, Logan shows up. He has his mechanical claw devices strapped on and makes to kill William. Watts talks him round and Logan comes out of his hypnotic-type state. Watts tells him that he appeared to be under some sort of mental control and suggests that he (Watts) will lie low and let Logan's handlers believe he is dead.

Murdock arrives back home in his apartment but it has been trashed.

In Watts' office, Peter Parker is talking to Watts. He tells him he is worried about Norman Osborn but stops short of the whole tale as he sees an unmarked van outside and thinks 'they' may be listening in. Pete says he's tired of being a victim and the doctor warns him about doing something rash. Pete says that with great power come great responsibility and that even though he doesn't have any power, he's going to take responsibility for himself.

Outside and Pete opens the back doors of the unmarked van. He tells the two people with satellite listening equipment that they should go back and tell their boss (Osborn) he should talk to Tony Stark directly if he wants to know what's going on.

Murdock is in the gym, boxing with Foggy... except that it's not Foggy. The assailant batters Murdock, then tells him he better check on Karen in the hospital. Murdock does... she's been murdered. Poison of some sort was injected into her drip. A bald man leads Matt away and they drive off. The bald man dumps Matt in a field in the middle of nowhere.

At Osborn's, Norman is worried about his oncoming schizophrenia. He is called into another office where Henry Pym tells him all their research on project Juggernaut has been hacked. There is a calling card from the hacker that reads: "Norman. The Spider bites back. Have a nice day."

Peter has hacked his computer. Osborn tells Pym to take no further action... he's going to deal with it by himself.

Matt is absent from the court.

Back at the bar, Mystique realises Weapon X (Logan) has been compromised when he doesn't respond to her codeword. She goes outside and phones 'Erik'. She is instructed to kill him but, as she pulls out a gun, a 'Snikt' noise is heard.

As Watts is walking to his appointment with Dr. Banner, he stumbles across Matt Murdock slumped in an alley.

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