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Quote1 I am the Praeter. I am the Herald of Galactus, destined to explore the mysteries of the gods in all their splendor. And to introduce the gods to the mysteries of all that live in the sheltering shadow they cast. Quote2


A preacher in Broxton, Oklahoma, Pastor Mike grew wary of the constant presence of Asgard so near the city, and the damage its presence invariably led to.[1] Preaching against the city's presence, he eventually earned the ire of Asgardian Volstagg. Mike later gathered a small group of his followers to take their complaints directly to Asgard itself, a gathering Volstagg deemed an assault on Asgard.[2] Approaching the remains of Asgard, Mike bore witness to the arrival of Galactus, who sought the Galactus Seed, an item that would finally sate his never ending hunger, but which the Asgardians needed for their own purposes.[3] Seeing the giant entity, Mike believed him to be a god, and begged him to spare the planet, to which Galactus simply responded "no." Though Galactus was eventually thwarted by the Destroyer's presence and Loki's hiding of the Galactus Seed within Yggdrasil, his then-herald the Silver Surfer sought to ensure a compromise between Galactus and the Asgardians. Needing to stay on Earth to observe the Asgardians and ensure they never retrieved the Seed, the Surfer approached Mike about taking up his role as Herald, having observed Mike's courage in standing up to Galactus for the good of his people. Mike reluctantly accepted the task, becoming Praeter, Herald of Galactus.[4]



  • Power Cosmic: Mike was imbued with the Power Cosmic by Galactus.[4]
    • Flight: Mike has obtained the ability to fly at incredible speed.[4]
    • Self Sustenance: Mike can survive in the vacuum of space.[4]

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