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Variable, changing with the Majestor/Majestrix in charge and the situation.
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Builders; Nova Corps, Inhumans, Variable, changing with the Majestor/Majestrix in charge and the the situation.
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Hit squad/back ops team of the Shi'ar Empire, protectors of the Majestor/Majestrix. Formed by criminals of the Kr'kn prison
Formerly an honorable sub-cadre of the Imperial Guard for worthy veterans and old guardsmen
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The Praetorians were traditionally an honorable sub-cadre within the Imperial Guardsmen for worthy veterans and old guardsmen. Emperor Majestor Vulcan used the title to legitimize his personal hit squad made of the most dangerous creatures the Shi'ar Empire has ever encountered and kept alive to serve as a Black Ops team tasked with killing the Starjammers due to not being permissible to join the Imperial Guard due to their criminal histories.[1]

Recruited from the Kr'kn prison, the Praetorians roster included Zzxz, God-killer, Pn'zo, The Hodinn, and the Strontian as the team's leader.The Praetorians first encountered the Starjammers on one of the Clench Worlds, where the teams fought before the Hodinn decided to burn the entire planet. Pn'zo managed to teleport the remaining team members off the planet to safety while their targets escaped.The team learned the Starjammers were headed to Kr'kn and followed suit after leaving Hodinn behind, deeming him too insane. However, Hodinn was picked up after destroying the rest of the Clench Worlds at Vulcan's order to help the Praetorians by combating Marvel Girl while the remaining team members teleported to the Kr'kn underwater prison to kill the remaining Starjammers. The Starjammers managed to escape before Lilandra cripple Deathbird. After this event, Vulcan replaced the Strontian with Gladiator to oversee the Shi'ar Empire's expansion.[2]

After the war against the Kree Empire, Vulcan added new members to the team such as Warwear and the Pelagian and the new team was ordered to slaughter the Nova Corps after the Corps was defeated by Gladiator and the Imperial Guard. The Praetorians were next sent to Kree-Lar to support Blastaar's troops in their battle against Raveous and his army. The Strontian, Pn'zo, and God-Killer were later imprisoned by the Nova Corps in stasis tubes alongside Ravenous, while the remaining team members escaped.[3] Zzxz was later contained and used by Raza against an alternate Charles Xavier from the Cancerverse

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