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Quote1.png One of them is a gentle giant -- A beautiful simpleton who was my brother and protector... ...His powers of division may be great... ...But even he has his limits... Quote2.png


Preak was a Panspermian genetically engineered by the Pralagon Shapers of the Barador Nebula. He was abducted when the Annihilation Wave hit his planet and was placed in the UX-73 Prison Planetoid in the Negative Zone, where he was experimented on by Lord Hawal.[2]

He escaped with Praxagora and the other prisoners when Super Skrull and R'Kin attacked the prison in hope of finding Hawal and stopping the Harvester of Sorrow which was terrorizing Zaragz'na, homeworld of Super-Skrull's son.

After being defeated by Super-Skrull in combat,[3] they began training under him in order to defeat the Harvester of Sorrow. When the time came for R'Kin to deliver the killing blow, he betrayed them for the Annihilation Wave.

They landed prisoner inside the Harvester of Sorrow as they saw Zaragz'na mercilessly destroyed in front of their eyes.[4] They managed to break free but Preak was killed by Annihilation War troops.[5]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[6]
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Superhuman Strength: Preak possesses supernatural strength. Which is sufficient enough to lift in the 800 lbs-25 ton range.

Near-Indestructible Outer Shell: As a Panspermian, Preak possesses a near-indestructible outer shell.

Habitat Adaptation: As a Panspermian, Preak possesses the ability to survive under any and all conditions.

Genetic Memory: As a Panspermian, it is possible that Preak can share memories with the original form which he was replicated.

Kinetic Duplication: Any blunt-force trauma causes Preak to replicate a second Preak of equal size, strength and intellect. After the replicants have outlived their use, they are either allowed to live under their own aegis or absorbed by the primary. The number of possible iterations has yet to be determined -- a single Panspermian has been known to generate over a thousand copies.

He was deemed to have a "local" threat level.[2]


Intellect: As a Panspermian, Preak possesses minimum intellect.

Subservience: As a Panspermian, Preak has been engineered for maximum subservience.


  • Preak's gender is in fact androgynous, with male behavioral traits.[4]


  • Preak is in fact only ten years old.[2][4]
  • He was deemed to have a "Local" threat level by the Nova Corps.[2]

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