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Predator is a shape-shifting demon with peak human strength, longevity (he is several millennia old), and superhuman durability, though he is weak against concentrated light and bio-energy attacks, and can only exist on Earth when surrounded by Darkforce. He has complete control over the darkness within the Darkforce dimension and can imbue others with his own powers over it. Predator needs to consume life force through skin contact and taps into the minds of beings trapped in his realms to transform the darkness surrounding them into nightmarish illusions to weaken their defenses. Predator can telepathically project his own hunger onto humans connected to his realm, including Cloak and Ecstasy, to compel them to deliver living beings to him.[citation needed]


Magic Use: Predator utilizes magic to create scrying energy globes and to trap souls on their way to Hell.[citation needed]

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