Quote1 On the Day of the Dead... a group of mythical goat eaters descended from the hills and ran rampant through town. It's the sort of story that'll be passed down through generations... when in fact it's my hybrids hunting for Burned-Out. Quote2
-- Mr. Pretorious src

Mr. Pretorious was a mad scientist and the creator of Human-Animal Hybrids such as Salty. He found the people would pay top dollar for organs of superhumans, initially using his hybrids until coming to the realization of young human mutates would be a better source organs. After finding out about Gen¹³, he invited them and other schools to his La Casa del Sol hoping having plentiful guests would make their disappearance less suspicious. Unfortunately for him, the students of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters were the only other students to show up.

After some of the hybrids briefly escaped and attacked the students, they became suspicious of Pretorious and uncovered his plans. They attacked him in their superhero identities, but were apprehended by Pretorious' knockout gas. He noticed one of them, Burnout, had evaded capture so he administered truth serum to his prisoners. He learned that Lane ws in the nearby town and Pretorious took his hybrids to hunt the boy down. They found Lane, but Gen¹³ and Generation X escaped and came to his rescue, freed the hybrids, and arrested Pretorious. He was taken to prison, but continued his experiments for the Mexican government.[1]

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