Preyy was Killmonger's trained leopard.[1]

He was killed during Killmonger's rise to power in Wakanda by Achebe.[2][3]


Animal Physiology: Preyy possesses natural abilities similar to normal leopards, though some of his abilities can be superior to a normal leopard. His abilities is also superior to even the finest human athlete.

  • Enhanced Speed: Preyy can run up to 40 mph.[4]
  • Enhanced Strength: Preyy's is stronger than normal leopards and other humans. He can leap 50 feet horizontally in a single bound and 10 feet vertically (off the ground). He can carry up to 220 lbs with his mouth.[4]


Sharp Claws: Preyy is skilled in using his sharp claws in combat and instinctively knows how to kill a victim with a neck bite.[4]

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