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Price was a Physics professor at a university, who was apparently fired because they disliked his eclectic approach to physics. He learned the belief that knowledge can be passed on in food, and he became a cannibal and ate his wife. With the severance pay from the university, he purchased a space below New York City created in the 1940's that had been intended as a secure underground internment for captured German superhumans during World War II.

After ingesting large amounts of Fly Agaric Mushrooms (in the interest of science), Price had a vision of Yggdrasill. It apparently talked to him and told him that after Ragnarok, it would give birth to a new race of humans. He wanted to see the future species, and after gaining skin scrapings of both Thor and Amora the Enchantress, he created clones of them to perform the physical labor needed to create the Worldengine.

He created the Worldengine to convince Yggdrasill that Ragnarok had already happened. For Ragnarok to happen, there could only be one Thor, so when Yggdrasil's influence proved to be killing him too slowly, he created the Scaldings to finish him off. What he didn't count on was that the Post-Ragnarok humans Yggdrasill created were intended to live in an environment denuded of all life and full of human ash, so they suffocated and died only moments after being born. With their deaths, the Worldengine began trying to correct its mistake, and began trying to bring about the real Ragnarok. Thor managed to stop it, but Price was killed in the ensuing collapse.




A footnote by editor "Deranged Ralf" Macchio in Thor #496 misspells Price's name as "Pryce."

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