This Avian was priestlord of the Bloodraven Cult, a dark sect forbidden by Sky Island's ruler Red Raven.[1]

He sought to invoke the Wayfinder[2] into the Aerie through "the Call", by detonating a bomb.[1]

Due to the Defenders being transported to Sky-Island due to a curse summoning them into places of imminent and extreme danger for the world, Red Raven deployed his daughter Dania, Kestrus[1] of the Air Guard[3] and several other Bird People, to search the Aerie for the so-called threat.[1]

Dania soon found the sigil of the Bloodraven Cult, and was attacked by them. As Dania escaped, she warned the Defenders and her father, and a battle broke within the Aerie. Meanwhile, the priestlord activated the bomb, who began swirling with Eldritch Energies, preventing Doctor Strange from tampering it with magic.[1]

Nighthawk then tried to captured the priestlord, in order to force him to defuse the bomb, in vain, and Nighthawk struck him unconscious.[1]

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