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While the fascistic Kree battled the Skrulls for millennia, radically warping a once-benevolent society into an ultra-militaristic state, on their own homeworld they also committed a near-total act of genocide against the Cotati. Only with the assistance of a small number of Kree who were members of a secretive pacifist sect the Priests of Pama did any Cotati survive at all, disguised as ornamental plants. As punishment for opposing the war-like society of the Kree, the Priests of Pama were exiled to a small desolate prison planet. Eventually, Star Stalker arrived on the planet to feed on this planet and began to destroy it. The Priests successfully repelled the Star Stalker. Afterward, the Priests warned the Supreme Intelligence of the Star Stalker's presence. The Supreme Intelligence allowed the Priests to scatter throughout the universe in pairs to inhabited planets to propagate and watch out for the Star Stalker.[1] On Earth, the Priests established a temple in what would become Vietnam and would become known as the Priests of Pama.[2]


  • It appears that the Priests of Pama had also settled on Titan, since the monks of Shoa-Lorn had also trained Moondragon to become the "Celestial Madonna", just like the priests have done with Mantis.[3]
  • The Priests of Pama seemingly have a custom of referring to themselves in the third person as "This one" instead of "I," similarly to real-life Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. This can be inferred from the fact that both Mantis (who was brought up by the Priests) and the Cotati Elder (who also spent a significant part of his life at the Temple) spoke like that.[3]

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