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Prima Donna was a self-centered brash beauty with enhanced strength, and a member of Action Pack, the Initiative team of Kentucky.[1] Years following the dissolution of the Initiative, Prima Donna joined the Paladins, a group made up of other former Initiative recruits who wanted to make a name for themselves.[2]

Desperate for public attention, the Paladins were pulled into a conspiracy orchestrated by would-be Hydra leader Veronica Eden which would see the young heroes take part in staged fights against Hydra. The plan was postponed after Eden's arrest, causing the Paladins to fear for their prominence. In order to manufacture an enemy, the Paladins broke into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Adjunct, where Eden was storing the super-computer Overseer and an army of its robot guardian, the Myrmidon. The Paladins reactivated the Myrmidon, but it chased them off and reactivated its master. With Fifty-One being the only Paladin willing to warn somebody of the threat they had unleashed, the rest of the team subdued him, and he was brainwashed telepathically by Think Tank. The Paladins then fabricated a story about Fifty-One going rogue and turned him into their arch-enemy, orchestrating fights with him any time their visibility was waning.

Fifty-One eventually built up enough resistance to the mental control and freed himself.[3] He embarked in a quest to stop the Myrmidon, breaking Eden out of custody in the process. During their pursuit of Fifty-One, the Paladins crossed paths with Iron Man and Captain America,[2] and fed them into the narrative that Fifty-One was a villain and that he intended to activate the Myrmidon. The Paladins continued their pursuit to The Annex, a S.H.I.E.L.D. storage bunker. Iron Man and Captain America secretly followed the Paladins and beat them to confronting the fugitives, but Fifty-One escaped. The Paladins then helped the heroes take down Eden.[4]

Following Eden's capture, Captain America sent the Paladins away, suggesting they stepped out of the limelight and built up their aptitude as super heroes. Iron Man and Captain America had Eden take them to the Adjunct, where Fifty-One helped them fight a Myrmidon, but was injured in the process.[5] After being swarmed by the army of Myrmidons, Iron Man left the Adjunct with Fifty-One to seek medical aid. Iron Man delivered Fifty-One to the Paladins, unaware of their true intentions. The Paladins took their former teammate to their apartment HQ, where they planned to kill him.[3] They were interrupted by the arrival of Myrmidons who intended to kill Fifty-One themselves. Having learned the truth, Iron Man returned for Fifty-One and took him back to the Adjunct. After Fifty-One used his telepathy to assimilate himself into the Overseer and override the computer's consciousness with his own, the Paladins arrived at the Adjunct to take a stand against Iron Man and Captain America, knowing that they were now seen as villains, but were soundly defeated.[6]



The full extent of her powers are unknown, but she's shown an undefined level of super-strength.

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