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The Primagen (also known as Prima Materia) is a substance created and harvested by the Progenitors in the Garden-World inside the World Farm used as fuel. To the Progenitors, Primagen is easily farmed and widely used.[3] The Primagen was additionally employed as a catalyst to evolve the Kree from their primitive form.[2] The Kree's failed attempts at re-creating it resulted in the much less pure Terrigen; Antigen and Amphogen.[1] To the Kree, the Primagen became a forbidden legend, of which only high-ranking Kree soldiers have the clearance to discuss it.[4]

Harvesting process

A millenia afterwards, a group of Inhumans learned of the existence of Primagen through the Plex Intelligence while looking for an alternative to Terrigen,[1] all of which had been destroyed by Medusa.[5] They eventually reached the World Farm, and barely made it alive to a Primagen deposit. They managed to escape with samples of Primagen and returned to Earth.[6]


  • Maximus compared the difference between Terrigen and Primagen to the quality between fish guts and caviar.[2]

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