Primate is a resident of the cavernous offshoot of the Savage Land discovered by Alpha Flight some time ago. He and at least two other residents of this land had been transformed by exposure to an unknown gas. Thus changed, they were shunned and feared by the other residents of their tribe. Primate was apparently going to be sacrificed in some ritual when Vindicator, who had fallen into the land and lost her memory, saved him and the others. She gathered the three up into a group which she eventually dubbed Alpha Prime. This group helped to protect their tribe from a rival group even though they were not trusted by their own tribe and, Avian was, in fact, shot with an arrow in this battle. Eventually their actions to protect their tribe they seemed to lead the tribe to accept them. [1]


Primate possesses great strength, speed, agility and possibly sense while also appearing slightly less evolved.

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