Prime was a planet with a select population, one city's worth, of which every citizen dedicates themselves to one single discipline and masters it. There are as much as four people with the same profession, in case the "one" (the person who masters the discipline) is sick, injured or dies.

The Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood visited it to have the best ice cream in the universe. However, after paying with Rigellian gold, the Silver Surfer accidentally devalued Primean poud note, causing Banker One to panic and call the army for help. Their response was Warrior One, who blindly fought the Silver Surfer even though he tried to prevent a conflict.

After removing his mastery badge from him, the Warrior One was no longer so, and was ordered by the new Warrior One, the former Warrior Two, to stop the fight. The Surfer and Dawn then left the planet.[1]


  • Primeans
    • Warrior Zero
    • Warrior One
    • Banker One
    • Tour Guide One
    • Architect One
    • Builder One
    • Painter One
    • Street Dancer One
    • Constable One
    • Repairman One
    • Safety Inspector One
    • Street Cleaner One
    • Repairman Two

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