Quote1.png Hardcase needs a real hero by his side! I thought I was one when I started being Prime, but I was just a kid playing hero! Then I got mad, about my life going to hell and my dad leaving and all the stuff people were saying about me! I thought I was my own man -- but I forgot how much I owe to other people! I've got to be more than either of the Primes I used to be! I've got to be somebody worth of him! Quote2.png
-- Kevin Green

Appearing in "Gross & Disgusting"

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Synopsis for "Gross & Disgusting"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Also includes a 3-page sketchbook, detailing Norm Breyfogle's designs for the Prime costume debuting in this issue and a 2-page sketchbook of Boris Vallejo's initial designs for this issue's cover along with a 2-page pin-up of the cover.

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