The main computer of the spacecraft of the Sky-Demons, after Swarmers destroyed the rest of the ship, Prime Computer was all that remained. As Stone-Hand, White-Hair and Eev approached it called out to them to come closer and that he would keep them safe. [1]

When Devil Dinosaur tried to approach to fought him off and procceded to trap the 3 humanoids in a protective dome and made a mini paradise for them proclaiming it could protect them forever. However, after White-Hairs death, Stone-Hand tried to destroy Prime Computer for failing to keep them all safe. Stone-Hand damaged machine so that when Devil attempted to break the barrier, an overload was caused which destroyed Prime Computer. [2]


The ability to generate a force-field around himself and supply those within it food, water, plant life as well as produce shock-waves from itself to repel any attack.

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