The Prime Director was the leader of the planet Galador and its colonies. Under his leadership, the Galadorians spread peace and technology throughout their realm and in trade with other civilizations. When the vast Galadorian Armada entered the space around the Dark Nebula seeking peaceful communication and exchange, they were savagely attacked by the Dire Wraiths who then threatened the destruction of Galador. It was the Prime Director who sent the desperate call for volunteers to sacrifice their humanity to become Spaceknights and defend their home world. Soon after sending forth the Spaceknights, the Prime Director began to devise a way to invest the armor with the conscience of the person rather than actually grafting their humanity to it. Unfortunately, the act of trying to will himself into armor led only to his evil half bonding creating Mentus. This evil Spaceknight version of the Prime Director soon imprisoned his good human half in a stasis field and faked the Prime Director's death.[citation needed]

Earlier, Mentus had rescued the disgraced Spaceknight Terminator from execution for the crime of killing innocent people. Using his mental abilities, he took command of Terminator and forced him to do his bidding. With the Prime Director believed dead, Mentus reshaped Terminator's armor into an exact likeness of Rom. Mentus then set in motion the relocation of the Galadorian star system to deliver it to the Dire Wraiths. Before this could occur the real Rom arrived on Galador and subsequently freed the Prime Director and other Spaceknights that had been trapped upon their return leading a revolt against Terminator.[citation needed] The Prime Director himself confronted his evil incarnation and through force of will forced the reincorporation of his evil part back into himself. However, the strain of the event was too much for his physical form and both the Prime Director's human form and Mentus' Spaceknight form were killed. The consciousness of the Prime Director transcended and proclaimed to being felt drawn to a higher plane. He also warned the assembled Spaceknights that imminent danger approached in the form of Galactus. Shortly thereafter, Terrax the Tamer and Galactus appeared above Galador. In an effort to save his world, the Prime Director confronted Galactus but was consumed by him.[1]


Extreme Mental Genius


Capable of mentally commanding individuals (in Mentus form)


Galadorian Spaceknight Armor

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