A strategy machine created by Doctor Doom to manipulate agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in a game for his amusement, the Prime Mover's circuits became restless after Doctor Doom became bored with the game.[1]

The Prime Mover reprogrammed himself and left Doom's castle in order to seek to games to challenge him. He found none on Earth that were sufficient, so he launched himself into space, sending out signals, looking for challengers. The Grandmaster responded to these signals and they decided to wager the fate of the world on the outcome of the game. The Grandmaster used the Defenders and Daredevil as his pawns, while the Prime Mover chose characters from various worlds and time-periods. The Defenders managed to defeat the Prime Mover's players. Built never to lose, the Prime Mover short circuited after the defeat.[2]

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