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The Prime Sentinels were created when Bastion initiated the Operation Zero Tolerance program.[citation needed] These Sentinels were actually humans who had been fitted with cybernetic nanotech implants, which, upon activation, transformed the humans into armored beings with powerful weapons systems.[citation needed] These altered humans set up as sleeper agents, unaware of their natures until a signal from the Operation: Zero Tolerance base activated their programming.[citation needed] These Sentinels were used by Bastion to capture Professor X for his own purposes, as well as attack various mutants associated with the X-Men across the country.[citation needed] Bastion and his Prime Sentinels were eventually defeated by the X-Men with help from the government agency, S.H.I.E.L.D., who shut down Operation: Zero Tolerance.[citation needed]

The Omega Prime Sentinel class was a scrapped prototype design initially conceived by the director of the Prime Sentinel Network, Bastion, and intended to spearhead the Zero Tolerance initiative, with the most recent addition to his ranks, Karima Shapandar, to be among the first of many whom he would soon create in order to lead his Bio-Sentinel forces.[citation needed] Bastion revitalized it through the Transmode / Apocalypse Virus while creating his Human High Council.[citation needed] Similar to the standard Prime Sentinel precursors, Omega Primes were Sentinels who were forcibly modified through an infection of nanotechnology injected into them by the mutant hunting Synthenoid who created them.[citation needed] But these were apparently prototypes, as their designs were clunkier than other Prime Sentinels.[citation needed] The only difference being their ability to adapt and evolve new and deadly mechanical apparatuses through their biomechanical microtech, which made up their cybernetic anatomy.[citation needed]

In a unique twist, Bastion would eventually revive the Omega Sentinel program after being revived through his use of a Spawn of the Technarchy known as Magus.[citation needed] As the Nimrod programming began to act irregularly with the Celestial Technology within his system, Bastion began to revert into his Nimrod persona and, in the act of which, transformed two of his Councilmen into advanced Prime Sentinels reminiscent to Nimrod himself.[citation needed]



Prime Sentinels were equipped with several technological superpowers derived from Nanotech:[citation needed] flight,[citation needed] super strength,[citation needed] force-blasts,[citation needed] the ability to transform cannonry out of body parts,[citation needed] as well as being able to dampen or disrupt the powers of mutants around them.[citation needed] They have combat computers, which allow them to compensate for surprising events, such as the arrival of police cars, faster than normal humans.[citation needed] Finally, their programming may use the natural personality of the host to lull unsuspecting targets into conversation, at which point they dampen their powers and kill them.[citation needed] One of the deadliest abilities of the Prime Sentinels display is the capacity to inject anyone with nanomachines that will turn the target into a Prime Sentinel.[1]

Omega Prime Sentinels, like Karima Shapandar, possess functions and equipment which far outstrip standard Prime Sentinels.[citation needed] Omega Prime Sentinels mimic all the natural qualities of fully robotic Sentinels, yet are more akin the design schematics of the Nimrod's of a divergent future.[citation needed] Nevertheless their natural biomechanical functions remain roughly the same, albeit with some room for modification given their natural adaptation protocol when facing new threats.[citation needed] Functions which include rocket boosted flight and superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, mechanical regenerative properties, being equipped with some level of EM based powers, etc., as well as the natural mutant detection sensory facilities which enables the tracking and identifying of Homo superior.[citation needed] What sets an Omega apart from a standard Prime Sentinel, showcased by Karima, is their natural ability to produce nanobionic constructs from their bodies using onboard technology, enabling the direct interfacing and commandeering of all cybernetic systems and their adjacent machinery, enslaving any mechanical system they come in contact with to their own will.[citation needed]

Omega Prime Sentinels are naturally armed with superior physical abilities and vast analytical Combat Computers that enable the proper application and reconfiguration of the best counter technology construct they can fabricate to battle against most any mutant foe.[citation needed] Some of the standard mutant hunting robotics, such as simple energy projection; has been greatly modified to manipulating and emitting various streams of energy, such as heat energy, cold energy, electrical, plasoid, and even various radiation wavelengths across the EM spectrum.[citation needed] Karima herself could fabricate internalized hardware that enables her to control electromagnetic phenomena, such as casting bolts of lightning, or discharging non-ferrous projectiles through magnetic induction.[citation needed] More defensive use of this function allows for protective energy barriers with which to deflect oncoming assaults,[citation needed] these shields are able to resist Cyclops' optic blasts,[citation needed] Random's plasma gunnery,[citation needed] and Magneto's destructive force.[citation needed] The Omega Prime Sentinel nanotechnology makes them adept at metamorphosis, a typical Omega Prime Sentinel can extend and mold their bodies like taffy, and even morph their limbs into advanced weaponry.[citation needed] Others can outright alternate appearances to better infiltrate enemy strongholds or blend in with the localized environment.[citation needed]


  • Rogue tried to use her personality-absorbing on one of the Prime Sentinels only to find nothing at all: she then stated that nothing of the original host remained once the Prime Sentinel personality had taken over, though this was questionable as Magneto and Professor X were able to restore Karima's personality.[1] It's also worth noting that Rogue couldn't absorb Lady Deathstrike either, thus her powers seemingly don't always work on cyborgs.[citation needed]
  • Prototype Omega Sentinels were developed by a human sanction refuge near Down Acres, California.[2]

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