In 1947, his ship and that of his Skrull pursuer crash landed on Earth, and both of them were studied by human scientists for decades.[5] He was revived by Doctor Caitlin Maddox after an incursion by the Deviant Peacekeepers into the facility, at which he projected eye beams that the molecular structure of what they hit.[6]

The Prime Skrull then assisted the Legion pursue Tantalus back to the planet Armechadon by navigating the starship.[2] In the final confrontation with Tantalus, the Prime Skrull did battle with the Skrull who had pursued him decades earlier and used his mutant powers (which had been activated by the human scientists' experimentation) to elongate his body grotesquely.[3]


His mutant abilities allowed him to alter the molecular structure of both inorganic and organic targets. Eyes glow red and project beams when using the mutant power.

The very existence of Prime Skrull isn't acknowledged by the Skrull Empire.[1]

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