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The Skrullian "Normals" or "Prime", also known as "Fossil Ones" among other derogatory terms, are the extinct branch of Skrull that originated on the Skrull homeworld of Skrullos. They were a branch of Skrulls created by the Celestials about a billion years ago, and were seemingly wiped out by the Deviant Skrulls who won a war between the three main races of that world.[2]

The Prime Skrull was the last of its kind and fled to the planet Earth to escape extinction. It was part of the infamous Roswell crash in 1947 along with a deviant Skrull.[9]

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The "Normals" were given latent potential for mutation(but not the same as Skrull Mutants). The last Prime Skrull had those latent mutant abilities activated by the use of a compound made of Deviant and Prime Skrulls' adrenaline.[6]



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