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The Prime Ten were a group of ten elite warriors of the Skrull empire that were formed together to steal the matter/energy transmitted created by Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. With one of the Prime disguising himself as the Fantastic Four's mailman Willie Lumpkin, he incapacitated the Invisible Girl, Thing and the Human Torch, then disposed of them by sending them a few hours in the future in their Time Platform.

The Prime Ten's attempt to steal the transmitter failed when Mister Fantastic used the device to bring in the Kree hero Captain Marvel. They held their own against the Prime Ten until Reed's time displaced teammates caught up with them and helped defeat the Skrulls. Reed had his comrades toss the Prime Ten back through the portal, overloading his machine in the process causing it to explode. [1] Presumably the Skrulls crossed over to a Skrull lab the portal ended, but they have not been seen since. This subsequent fate is unknown.


Weapons: Ray blasters, a stunner device.

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