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Quote1.png I've had some baaaad experiences with researchers who kidnap kids, Mister! Researchers who mess with kids' bodies to make Supersoldiers and Monsters and Ultras who never got asked if they wanted to be Ultras! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Monsters of Manhattan"

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  • Staten Island Ferry

Synopsis for "Monsters of Manhattan"

Kevin Green looks across to Liberty Island and glumly recounts how this isn't his world, as on his Earth, the Statue of Liberty was destroyed by terrorists. When thinking about how he once fought a sea monster, Kevin is shocked to see a massive creature emerge from the water and attack the Staten Island Ferry. Deciding to do something, Kevin transforms into Prime and attacks the monster. As he subdues the creature, Prime is shocked when the creature begs him to kill it. When Prime refuses to do so, the creature positions itself so the hero flies through its head, killing it instantly. Prime is upset as he just recently arrived in this reality and he has already killed something. As Prime flies away the gathered crowd watches in awe as the monster reverts back into the form of a teenager, who is physically unharmed. Also watching this battle from afar is Dr. Eugene Wildeman who is interested to know what capabilities this seemingly new superhero has and what practical applications it may have for his gamma radiation research.

Later on, Prime flies through the city, and as he passes the Four Freedoms Plaza remarks how there are some differences to this version of New York City. He does recognize a building as the same one that his Aunt Judy lives in and decides to see if there is a version of her that lives on this world. Landing on the roof, he reverts back to his mortal form under the cover of shadow so he can go about unnoticed in this version of New York. As he changes back into his street clothes, Kevin briefly spots Spider-Man swinging by. Kevin reminds himself that this world has it's own "Ultras" and that the heroes of his world doesn't exist here. Still wondering if his aunt might, Kevin goes down and tries his key in the lock of what would be her apartment. It doesn't work, and the real tenant answers the door and with a gun drawn, demands what he is doing. Kevin explains that he thought his Aunt lived there and when she tells him that nobody by the name of Judy Glick ever lived at the residence, she asks the kid if there is anything wrong. Kevin panics and makes a run for it, fearing that he is stuck on this alternate Earth with nobody able to help him.

Out on the street, Kevin recalls how he and his teammates in UltraForce met the Avengers, heroes from this reality and wonders if they might be able to help him get back home. As he walks the streets to try and find out where the Avengers might be found, Kevin walks through a rough part of town and is upset to see so many young people living in desperate living conditions. He eventually spots a young girl being lured into a car by Dr. Wildeman. Thinking that this man is trying to take advantage of her, Kevin turns into Prime and chases after the car. As he rips off the roof of the car to save the endangered girl, he is spotted by the Hulk who is in New York for a conference on gamma radiation. Prime learns that Dr. Eugene Wildeman was looking for people to experiment. This makes Prime furious as people were experimented on his world and forcibly turned into Ultras. Before he can do anything else, he is struck by the Hulk who has come to Eugene's aid as he is a former colleague.

Not knowing who the Hulk is, Prime fights back while Dr. Eugene marvels at this situation as he can collect many samples for his research from both Prime and Hulk. As the two fight it out, Wildeman blows a whistle to summon some of his test subjects. Meanwhile, the Hulk learns that Prime attacked Dr. Wildeman for luring the girl in his car. Hulk can't help but notice that Prime talks like a kid himself and wonders if he acted rashly. Suddenly, the Hulk realizes that Prime might have been right about something as gamma mutated teenagers. The pair try to fight them off, but the Hulk warns Prime not to harm them as they are helpless victims of Dr. Wildeman. As the Hulk struggles to keep his temper in check, lest he revert back to Bruce Banner. As Prime knocks the mutated teens aside, Wildeman surprises them by transforming into a massive gamma-irradiated monster.

The pair lay into Wildeman and their combined strength proves too much for Wildeman who is easily defeated and begins to revert back to human form. Soon the authorities arrive to arrest Wildeman. As the Hulk tells the police what happened, he hopes that the children can be restored to normal. When the Hulk notices that Prime slipped away he finds the hero slumped over in an alley. The Hulk is horrified that Prime is melting into goo, unaware that Kevin Green had to discard his body and slipped away before anyone can figure out his weakness.


Continuity Notes

  • Kevin Green recounts how on his world the Statue of Liberty was blown up by terrorists. That happened in Prime #17.

Continuity Errors

  • When Prime recalls his encounter with the Avengers, the Black Knight is depicted with the Ebony Blade. However, the Knight stopped using the Ebony Blade circa Avengers #343 to avoid being influenced by its curse. He didn't wield the Ebony Blade until many years later in Captain Britain and MI-13 #10.

Publicaiton Notes

  • Peter David credited for Plotting Assist, Divar for Color Design, Bernstein and Reynosa are credited as Assistant Editors, Special Thanks to Bobbie Chase.
  • reprinted in Mutants vs. Ultra: First Encounters Vol 1 1

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