Jekuakkekt was the insectoid king of Kosmos. He was a weak leader who often bent to the will of his people and made few of his own decisions.

When the Thunderbolts arrived on Kosmos the king was convinced they were in league with the villain known as Kang. Eventually Moonstone made a deal with the King's aide to kill the king, framing the king's main political rival thus allowing the aide to ascend to the throne as regent while the prince was too young to rule. The aide lived up to his end of the bargain and teleported the Thunderbolts home while convincing the rest of Kosmos the Thunderbolts were killed.[1]

Moonstone, Mach-1 and Songbird hiding the murder of the Kosmosian king from the Thunderbolts and later Hawkeye was a long standing plot that was never resolved. To date Moonstone's murder of the king has never been exposed.

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