Prince Ba'rahm was a religious cult leader that was active in the United States in the 1940s. A complete fraud, he worked with an insurance agent named Brady. Brady insured female clients and then Prince Ba'rahm indoctrinated them into his cult. He brainwashed them into complete subservience and through some elaborate trickery convinced them that they were sacrificed to the Decka, the master of fire and transported to the underworld. In reality, they were really brought to a secret lair under a nearby the docks. There, Ba'rahm had his victims sign over their material possessions and then proceeded to drown them. Later, their bodies would be found by the authorities, and Ba'rahm collected their insurance and split it with Brady.

This continued for an undisclosed amount of time until the night in early 1943 that Private Steve Rogers and Bucky witnessed one of Ba'rahm's phony ceremonies. Witnessing as the boat containing Ba'rahm and his current victim seemingly explode in flames out in the water, the two soldiers dove into the water but were only able to recover a card case that revealed Ba'rahm's identity.

When the body of his victim was turned up, Steve and James decided to investigate Ba'rahm as Captain America and Bucky. As Ba'rahm was not registered with the local Brotherhood of Mystics, they were unable to find a lead on him until they confronted Brady. Pretending to have no connection to Ba'rahm, Brady informed them that the phony mystic lived in an abandoned warehouse nearby.

They then crashed in on Ba'rahm as he was in the middle of hypnotizing his next victim. Cap and Bucky were then knocked out and taken prisoner while Ba'rahm went to murder his next victim. The heroes' attempt to stop him failed, and they were knocked out by the Prince's assistant the dwarfish Shao. They were then placed in the room where Ba'rahm eventually drowned all his victims; however, Captain America and Bucky escaped and swam to shore.

Returning to Ba'rahm's hideout, they ran into Brady who claimed to have come to check on the heroes. Unaware of Bradey's true intentions, they sent him away while they went after Ba'rahm once more. During their next battle with the phony mystic, Brady then set the place ablaze. Captain America and Bucky knocked out Ba'rahm and his men and went after Bradey, leaving Ba'rahm and his men to fend for themselves. Bradey ultimately died when he was accidentally knocked out of a window while fighting Captain America.[1]

If Ba'rahm escaped the blazing warehouse or died in the inferno remains unrevealed.

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Prince Ba'rahm had hypnotic abilities, the limitations of which are unexplored. He displayed the ability to put his victims into a trance-like state and give them basic orders to follow.

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