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Itor before his transformation

Prince Itor came from a long line of Egyptian royalty; he was related in some way to the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. He had a connection with the so-called "Idol of Death", an ancient artefact that would endow a member of his family tree with the "power of all the pharaohs". When the news was leaked that Idol was not only found but going to be put on display at a museum in New York, Itor was one of the many people vying to steal it.

Despite the efforts of the Human Torch and Toro in attempting to stop him, Itor managed to get a hold of the idol. Upon possessing it, he was transformed into a green skinned form with mental powers that could subvert the will of others. However, before he could totally utilise his powers, the Human Torch destroyed the statue, causing Itor to change back to normal. Attempting to escape the subway train he was in, he jumped out a window and land on the third rail, electrocuting himself to death.[1]


When in the possession of the Idol of Death, Itor was endowed with mental powers, allowing him to take control of human minds and force them to do his bidding. The exact limitations of these abilities remain unrevealed; however, one expert stated that the idol's power would make "dictators look childish" by comparison, suggesting that there was no limit to those he could enthral.


Idol of Death from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 21 0001

Idol of Death

For a brief time, Itor possessed the "Idol of Death", an ancient Egyptian artefact that would endow members of his family tree with great mental powers. When in possession of it, he was transformed into a green skinned being with pointed ears and fang like teeth and was endowed with great mental powers. These powers were dependent on contact with the idol. If the idol was taken out of his possession or destroyed, he would revert back to normal.


Itor had his own car.

The Idol of Death is similar to the Star Of Capistan and had the 1933 Red Rajah[[1]] lived he would have had the same mind control powers (the Doctor Strange Red Rajah had access to his mystical powers).

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