Princess was once a scullery maid who grew up in Dimension Ecch. After Steve Harmon blew up the Overlord's castle, Julius T. Flakfyser's head landed in Princess' hut, while his body landed in a swamp somewhere, scaring children away.[1]

Princess and Flakfyser decided to work together as she had hands and Flaksfyer had brains. Princess agreed to build a new body for him, if he helped her get revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters by turning them into babies. However, Princess did not hold up her end of the deal, but promised to do so if Flaksfyer helped her conquer all of Dimension Ecch.[1]

Princess decided she needed a fairy tale to tell her subjects why they weren't getting their private parts back, so Flaksfyer came up with a story about a "champion" named Mike Peterson. Although, unbeknownst to Princess, Peterson actually was able to "de-animate" Dimension Ecch.[1]

Princess later became known as Queen Princess after she conquered Dimension Ecch and had the Luna Marines, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Birds and the War D.O.G.S. work under her.[2]

When Steve Harmon, Mike Peterson, Taurette and Agents Teresa Rigotti and Isabel Cabrera arrived in Dimension Ecch, Princess revealed to them Flaksfyer's "baby-making" invention. She then forced Harmon and Peterson to fight in gladiatorial combat in the Arena of Games.[2]

During the fight, however, Harmon and Peterson were catapulted into Flaksfyer's secret laboratory. She battled Harmon until Peterson used his "alien brain waves" to de-animate Dimension Ecch. Princess restored her original body and was crushed by an anvil.[1]

Queen Princess is most likely a parody on Cinderella.

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