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Quote1 Papa says I am a star. He says I am a beautiful menace. And that I am a growing girl who needs her vitamins. Are bones vitamins? Quote2


Princess is the moniker given by Deadpool to a clone of the Carnage symbiote created by the Harrower from samples obtained after Cletus Kasady's attempt to conquer the Earth and modified using her biokinetic powers. Selecting Deadpool as an incubator due to his healing factor, the Harrower allied with Doctor Octopus to capture him and implant the modified symbiote samples into his body,[1] intending to have it gestate a clone of Cletus Kasady under her control.[3]

Once one of the modified samples burst from his body as a set of extra limbs, Deadpool was able to escape with the help of Atelier assassin Valentine Vuong,[4] who synthesized a Symbiote Inhibitor serum to keep the Carnage clone docile -- suppressing the homing instinct the Harrower had programmed into it. Nicknamed "Renesmee" by Deadpool due to it eating him from the inside out, the symbiote attempted to get him to confess his feelings for Valentine.[2] However, Lady Deathstrike, Doctor Octopus, and the Harrower attacked Deadpool and Valentine nigh-simultaneously, resulting in Deadpool's supply of symbiote inhibitor serum being disconnected. Succumbing to the Harrower's control, another Carnage symbiote clone erupted from Deadpool's body and killed Lady Deathstrike, incapacitating Deadpool long enough for the Harrower to transport them back to her lab. There, the Carnage clone which had attacked Lady Deathstrike finished gestating a clone of Cletus Kasady, who burst from Deadpool's torso.[5] Breaking free from the Harrower's control, the "Renesmee" sample decided that it preferred Deadpool and devoured the Cletus Kasady clone and his symbiote while emerging from Deadpool's body in the form of a colossal monstrous hyena. Promptly being mistaken for a dog by Deadpool, the symbiote-hyena was dubbed "Princess" and informally adopted as his daughter.[3]

The Atelier, furious that Valentine had saved Deadpool and Lady Deathstrike despite orders to leave them for dead, dispatched assassins to kill all three of them; Princess protecting her "father" by devouring Mirror and Last Bite, and fighting the werefox Rävhona.[6]


Princess possesses a childlike personality, referring to Wade Wilson as her "Papa".[7] When not under the Harrower's control, Princess is extremely affectionate to both Wade and his romantic interest Valentine Vuong, attempting to get them to kiss when they were on a date.[2]


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