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The Princess Bar was a drinking establishment located in the Lowtown district of Madripoor. Initially, the bar was owned by a man known only as O'Donnell, and, for a time, it was frequented by Patch.[1] The bar was also partly owned by Madripoor's crime overlord, Tyger Tiger.[2]

Many years later, the Marauders bought a bar in Lowtown as part of their plan to buy spread-out properties and prevent the Homines Verendi from razing the place and kicking out the locals.[3] After a fight between the Morlocks and the new Reavers (employed by the Verendi), the Morlocks celebrated at the bar and made it the new Princess Bar as they offered Ai Tran the ownership of the place.[4]


Princess Bar from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Season 1 3

Princess Bar (Earth-199999)

On Earth-199999, Princess Bar is owned and managed by Selby, a powerful female criminal. She met Helmut Zemo, Winter Soldier and the Falcon (who was impersonating gangster Smiling Tiger) in the back room of the Bar. A firefight ensued, Selby was killed and the three guests escaped.[5]

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