Princess Eve was the ruler of Atlantis in the year 50,000 BC. At some point during her reign, she would be ousted from her position by her evil uncle and she would be forced to flee her kingdom. She would be captured by the Witches of Endor who would attempt to disfigure her and make her one of their own. However, the witches other prisoners the cave-boy Tuk and Tanir the Cro-Magnon Man would rescue her. Hearing her plight, and seeking to reach Atlantis themselves, they would agree to assist her in regaining her throne.[1]

As they approached the kingdoms walls, the draw bridge would close leading the Princess to suspect the evil Soothsayer, aid to her mad uncle, was aware of their presence. However, she would lead her two saviors into the kingdom through a secret passage. When soldiers would come looking for them, they would immediately concede upon seeing their true ruler. With her uncle disposed Princess Eve would welcome Tuk and Tanir to stay, however they would decline choosing to travel on to the Attillan, the so-called Island of the Gods.[2]

Princess Eve's subsequent fate is unrecorded.

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