A spy for Imperial Japan during World War II, this woman posed as Princess Ramasi of India in the early days of 1944. Convincing a group of Indian Diacots that she was the daughter of the goddess Kali, she intended to manipulate them into doing the bidding of the Imperial Japanese army. Her primary goal was preparing a massive rebellion across India in order to overthrow Allied forces and install the Japanese army. When this was discovered by the head of British-Indian Intelligence, the spy had him captured to be killed in a sacrifice later.

She then plotted to target Viceroy Wavell as he arrived for a meeting with Indian officials. Part of this plan involved her pretending to be faint, causing a distraction for her minions to sneak into the facility and murder Wavell. When she pulled off this ruse, she was caught by Private Steve Rogers who carried her to a room next to Wavell's. She continued to act faint in order to cover for her men and found herself having feelings for Rogers due to his genuine concern for her well being. When her minions were spotted, she fled the scene after she learned they failed their mission by killing Wavell's secretary instead.

When Captain America and Bucky tracked the Diacots back to their temple, they arrived just as the spy was leading the Diacots in the sacrifice of the intelligence agent. Captain America and Bucky came to the man's rescue and learned of the spy's plot. When they were cornered by "Kali", she recognized Captain America as Steve Rogers and gave him the choice to leave alive if he did not interfere with her plans. When Captain America refused, he grabbed the girl and used her as a human shield in order to try and get away. In the eventual battle the broke out, "Kali" broke away from Captain America and determining her mission to be a failure committed Hari Kari. The battle ended when the temple was set ablaze, killing all "Kali's" followers, and the subsequent revolt was foiled thanks to the procurement of a map detailing the plot.[1]


The spy had access to various guns, explosives, and carried a dagger.

Dacoits are characters in Master of Kung Fu #18.[2]

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