The Pro was a well-established assassin, known to his clients only as a PIN number. The Pro incapacitated the entire security force of Mr. Stanislaw at his Long Island estate, cornered him in his office, and ordered him to shut down his operations and flee the country. He left him alive, as he wasn't paid to kill him. Leaving Stanislaw's estate, he received a new target from Doctor Octopus: Jason Tso. That evening, he tasered two of Tso's employees, Lenny and Carlo, behind Tso's Club Noir. Attaching magstats to the back of their heads, he sent them in with guns, grenades, and orders to kill Tso. When they were stopped by Tso's employee Ben Reilly, the Pro interceded himself, breaking into Tso's safe room. Once there, he knocked out Tso's bodyguard Orlando Kannor and held Tso at gunpoint while he contacted Octopus, who wanted to watch Tso die. Before he could pull the trigger, the Scarlet Spider broke in, prompting Octopus to double the Pro's fee if he offed the Spider. Convincing her to triple it, the Pro attacked, only to be webbed up and dengled out the window. Unwilling to give up his fee, the Pro tossed a grenade into the room, escaping while the Spider rescued Bugle reporters Ken Ellis and Angela Yin[1].
Fulfilling his contract, the Pro shot and killed Tso while he was engaged in battle with Dr. Octopus' forces[2].


None, human.


The Pro is a highly efficient and professional contract killer and mercenary.


The Pro wields a number of conventional and unconventional weapons, including a taser, magstats (miniature explosives), a remote-controlled explosive collar, and fusion grenades, in addition to various silenced firearms.

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