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Quote1.png The guy's gold suit was really easy to spot flying past our copy-room window. Quote2.png
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When Spider-Man was accused of murder he donned several different costumes to disguise his identity so that he could continue saving lives. One of the personas that he adopted was Prodigy. He was an old-fashioned "good guy" with superhuman strength and speed, able to leap from rooftop to rooftop, and using a bulletproof vest to appear even stronger; also included a fake nose and make-ups to increase the difference between him and Peter due to part of his face being exposed; battled Jack O'Lantern and Conundrum using this disguise, and provided faked evidence that the Spider-Man who attacked Norman Osborn was an impostor to clear his name of assault. Peter used all four of his new identities, to confuse his foes, and to contradict speculation that the new heroes were all, in fact, the same person. Once he had cleared his name, he abandoned all of his new personas.

Ritchie Gilmore

The golden age hero Black Marvel acquired the four costumes. He then proceeded to give them to four youngsters forming a team that he named Slingers. Lyons provided Ritchie Gilmore the leader of his college wrestling team with the mystically endowed Prodigy Suit. The Slingers undertook several training exercises, and during one of those exercises Dusk was killed, falling to her death from a roof. Other team members Ricochet and Hornet was devastated, but Ritchie told them to move on and leave her.[1]


The suit was mystically enhanced giving him super-strength and agility to superhuman levels. His costume is also bulletproof and he can use his cape to glide on the air currents

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