Professor Bauer was a critic of Adolf Hitler’s regime during the early days of World War II. His writings against warmongering and Nazi propaganda landed him in a concentration camp after the Nazis occupied France, where he often suffered physical abuse by the guards. Finally, his execution was ordered and he was dragged before a crowd of his fellow prisoners and a masked executioner. Even with death looming, Bauer refused to give up his beliefs, telling the guard leading him that the Nazis would ultimately fail in their bid for world domination.

Fortunately, the other-dimensional hero known as the Vision had been inexplicably been drawn to the camp and attacked Bauer’s executioner before he could strike. This caused a massive riot in the concentration camp as the prisoners fought for their very lives. In the confusion, the Vision grabbed Bauer and rushed out of the camp in a stolen truck. When a Stuka began to follow them, the Vision used his illusion-casting powers to frighten the pilot into landing his plane. The Vision then took control of the plane and used it to fly Bauer across the border to neutral Portugal. After Bauer parachuted over Lisbon, the Stuka was shot down by anti-aircraft guns in fear it was on a bombing mission against nearby British ships, but the Vision had already vanished from Earth by then.[1]

Professor Bauer’s further activities during World War II are unknown.



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