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Professor Buffanoff was a brilliant scientist who was active in the 1950s, until some evil influence came over his mind. He secretly loved a woman named Ellen Carstairs. These demonic like creatures invaded his mind, their exact origin is unexplained but they claim to be his creations. He created a device to allow the creatures out of his mind and grow inside to wipe out all life on Earth.

He covered this up by claiming he invented a device that could transport someone to the so called "third dimension". He invited reporters to show off his invention, among those who came to cover the story was the love goddess Venus who was at the time working for Beauty Magazine. Deciding to investigate the device further to learn its benefits to mankind, Venus broke into Buffanoff's lab that night. Buffanoff caught her in the act and activated the device. Instead of transporting Venus to another dimension, the device apparently shrunk Venus and transported her into Buffanoff's mind where she was confronted by the creatures who live in his mind.

As Buffanoff and his creatures explained their plot, but Venus managed to convince Buffanoff to stop his insane plot to save Ellen's life. Buffanoff realized how mad the plot was and set off a chemical explosion that killed him. Instead of stopping the creatures Buffanoff's death released them. Venus then tricked the creatures to follow him to Olympus where the Olympian gods, with the assistance of the Asgardian thunder god Thor tried to fight off the creatures. These creatures proved to be too strong for the gods, so Venus tricked them into following her back to Earth and into the mind of Professor Buffanoff. As Buffanoff's brain died, the creatures died as well ending their threat. Venus then destroyed Buffanoff's device, believing that it was too dangerous for mankind to learn it's secrets.[1]



Buffanoff's creatures

Apparently Buffanoff created hideous demonic creatures in his mind. These creatures upon his death were unleashed on the world, but apparently Buffanoff was able to release these creatures once certain conditions were met, what these ideal conditions were are unknown. These creatures were seemingly invulnerable, even against the powers of gods. When the creatures were tricked into returning into Buffanoff's mind they died.


Buffanoff was a brilliant scientist.


The way the brain creatures inside Buffanoff's mind died suggests that there was some kind of symbiotic link between Buffanoff and the creatures. They creatures did not die until they were tricked into returning to Buffanoff's mind. Why that is has not been explained, but it could be that the creatures did not die until Buffanoff suffered actual brain death. Since Venus did not die when she was inside Buffanoff's dead brain, this would seem to suggest that the creatures being inside his mind was a moot point regarding their mortality.


A lot of Professor Buffanoff's plans do not make any sense and are rife with scientific impossibilities. Firstly, the device that he created. According to Buffanoff the device shrank Venus "down to the size of an atom" and made her a prisoner inside his brain. Given what is known about the human brain today, this seems unlikely. The other unknown is the origin of the creatures inside his mind. Buffanoff claims that he created the creatures, but they have appeared to act independently of him. What is known is that they are somehow symbiotically linked.

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