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Early Life

In his early life, Professor Cartwright was a gifted teenager; however he despised his skinny physique, to the extent that he was even willing to trade his intellect for a physique like Captain America.

Silent War

Professor Cartwright was later seen in his senior-years, as the head scientist who was tasked with forcing Lord Gorgon to undergo Secondary-Terrigenesis, thus resulting in Gorgon's more animalistic appearance, and the breaking of the ventilation chamber, leading to Cartwright's exposure to Terrigenesis and his extremely muscular physique.

Professor Cartwright began to formulate theories on the alteration of humans following Terrigenesis, whilst his body began to decay from his own exposure. He later returned the Terrigen Crystals to the Inhumans when they attacked the Pentagon, proclaiming the Crystals as cursed things. Cartwright then succumbed to the decay of his body.

Powers and Abilities


Terrigenesis: Professor Cartwright was exposed to Terrigenesis, which altered his biological structure; thus increasing his muscle mass and granting him superhuman strength.

  • Superhuman Strength: Following his exposure to Terrigensis, Professor Cartwright can bench-press 1200 pounds.


Intellect: Professor Cartwright possessed a gifted intellect; which enabled him to formulate theories on the alteration of humans, following Terrigenesis.

Physical Strength

  • Strength Level: Professor Cartwright possesses superhuman strength, which is sufficient enough to bench-press 1200 pounds.


  • Biological Decay: Due to being human, Professor Cartwright's body was unable to handle the alteration caused by his exposure to Terrigenesis, thus his body began to decay to the point that he eventually died.
    • Paralysis: Professor Cartwright eventually lost the use of his legs; whilst his body began to decay, following Terrigenesis.
  • Eyesight: Professor Cartwright's eyesight was poor, thus he required glasses.

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