Professor Diminuito was a scientist from the planet Argos. He came to Earth in 1951 to test out his contracting fabric. To this end he set himself up as a tailor in an American city and fashioned suits which would later contract and strangle their wearer to death. The deaths attracted the attention of Marvel Boy, and with information from his benefactors on Uranus learned that Diminuito was on Earth and tracked him down to the observatory at Mammoth University. There, Marvel Boy put a metal vice around his neck to protect himself and confronted Diminuito. Accusing Diminuito of his crimes, the phony tailor offered for Marvel Boy to wear on of its suits. When it attempted to strangle Marvel Boy, he feigned his own death and Diminuito wrapped him up in some cloth and drive him off site to dispose of his body.

Marvel Boy freed himself and then used the fabric to wreck the truck, causing it to crash. When Diminuito attempted to flee, Marvel Boy knocked him out and took him to the police where he was taken into custody.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


Professor Diminuito developed a special kind of fabric which could contract on command. It could contract with such force as to strangle a human being to death, enough of the fabric was strong enough to crush the frame of a car.

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