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Not much has been revealed regarding the origin and history of Professor Imam. Presumably, he served as the Wizard Supreme for the dimension of the Squadron Supreme for many years, although he remained a recluse, refusing to involve himself in much of the Squadron's affairs, such as their Utopia Program. Instead, he claimed that much of his strength was spent and he must conserve what remained to train his successor in 443 years. He was confronted by the renegade Squadron member Nighthawk who was searching for allies to help him oppose the Squadron's Utopia Program, but Imam refused. He agreed, however, to send him to the "mainstream" Earth to search for allies there. When Nighthawk returned, Imam again helped him to search for other superhumans on their native Earth.

Later, when the powerful Nth Man appeared in their dimension, Imam was one of the first to recognize its threat to existence. He alerted the Squadron and agreed to travel with them to confront the menace. However, when Imam tried to use his mystic power to directly communicate with the Nth Man, Imam suffered a heart attack from the strain and died.

He was able to predict that Arcanna's son Benjamin Thomas Jones (Mysterium), was destined to become the next Sorcerer Supreme.[1]



Professor Imam once had nearly limitless mystical power, as befitting his title of the Wizard Supreme of his native dimension.

He possessed a greatly extended lifespan.

In his later years Imam focused on divination to observe outside events and search for his successor. He also provided teleportation and dimensional travel to Nighthawk.



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  • In the Squadron Supreme's timeline the title of Sorcerer Supreme is referred to as Wizard Supreme.[2]
  • Professor Imam was loosely based on DC Comics's Doctor Fate.

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