Professor Jerg was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. Posing as a botanist, he relocated to Pasta Gurerra, a small port town in South America which the American military sent supply ships. By the summer of 1943, he had become known as a friendly man who invited American sailors to his home for supper in gratitude to their effort in the war. There, he would convince them to ship plants from his greenhouse to Europe under the pretense that they were being shipped to a colleague in Europe who was expecting them. In reality, the plants were really a means of smuggling incendiary devices aboard the ships. Once the ships were at sea the devices would go off, causing a fire that would ultimately cause the ammunition stores to explode, sinking the ship, and killing the entire crew. With no evidence of attack, the American Navy were stumped at determining the cause of explosion.

After the fourth such sinking reach the newspapers, the Sub-Mariner offered his aid in solving the mystery. Finding the "friendly" Professor Jerg suspicious, he followed the botanist home and overheard him tell his plans to his fellow spies. Attempting to stop them, the Sub-Mariner was knocked out and locked up in the dungeon in the basement of Jerg's home. After Jerg had sent his latest batch of American sailors away with his plants, he and his men then beat the Sub-Mariner within an inch of his life. Thinking Namor to be dead, Jerg ordered his men to dump the body into the ocean.

This proved to be Jerg's undoing as the water revived the Sub-Mariner who tossed the plants off the supply ship before they could go off and then returned to Jerg's home and rounded the spy and his minions up, locking them in the dungeon to be collected by the authorities later.[1]

Jerg's subsequent fate is unknown.


Jerg used an incendiary formula which he placed in plants as a cover. The chemical reactions were timed to go off with the course of a few hours causing a massive fire.

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