Professor Marko was a brilliant scientist who was active during the 1950s. His only daughter, Stella, was confined to a wheelchair and the fact that his daughter could not enjoy life like normal girls eventually drove him mad. By 1954, he had financial backing from a communist spy named Gorodok who helped fund Professor Marko's mad scheme to get revenge against the world. Marko built a massive vacuum that sucked the air out of the Earth's atmosphere threatening to kill all life on Earth except himself, his daughter, and Gorodok who were safe in his lab. The Professor had a mad idea that with everyone else on Earth dead, his daughter could be queen of the entire planet. While Gorodok's motivations were unknown, as he had operatives in the city, he likely plotted to betray Marko after his mad scheme was finished.[1]

However, Professor Marko wanted the world to suffer slowly, this gave enough time for the Human Torch and Toro to learn of Marko's plot from two of Gorodok's men and locate the Professor's lab. Sucked into the vacuum, the two had their flames doused and were taken prisoner. The Torch and Toro were then placed in glass cylinders to prevent them from flaming on. However, Stella refused to be a part of her father's insane plan and helped free the heroes. When Gorodok attempted to escape, the Torch tried to stop him, causing the spy to fall from the lab's dome and suffer fatal injuries. Before Gorodok died from these injuries, he fatally shot the Professor.[1]

Human Torch (Android) (Earth-616) and Thomas Raymond (Earth-616) from Human Torch Comics Vol 1 38 0001

Professor Marko's oxygen vacuum.

With the death of all life on Earth mere moments away, Stella miraculously was able to get out of her wheelchair and run to the reverse switch, but the Torch beat her to it, reversing the oxygen vacuum and saving the Earth. Although sad for the loss of her father, Stella was happy to be able to walk and live a normal life.[1]


Professor Marko developed a massive vacuum that was able to potentially suck all the oxygen from the face of the Earth.

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