Professor Schultz was a brilliant German scientist who was loyal to the Nazis during World War II. Using his credentials, he obtained a position at the Widmver Museum in the United States. There, he began indoctrinating his assistant Olaf Olsen to the Aryan ideal. By the summer of 1943, he had manned an expedition to Antarctica where they found the body of a dinosaur trapped in the ice. The creature was apparently kept in a state of suspended animation. However, when it was brought back to the museum in the United States and thawed out, Schultz had discovered that it was in a coma-like state.

Seeking to use the creature's massive strength, Schultz had some Nazi spies subdue Olsen. Schultz then used his surgical expertise to implant Olsen's brain into the body of the dinosaur and then sent it out to destroy defense plants in the area in order to hinder American weapons productions. When Olaf's sister Erda came looking for her brother after the creature's "escape", Schultz kept the true story from her and posed as a sympathetic benefactor.

However, when Captain America and Bucky began investigating the dinosaur's escape, Erda told the two heroes of Schutlz's secret experiments. When they found Schultz's secret lab, Schultz showed his true colors and turned his men against the heroes while taking Erda hostage. Fighting free, Captain America and Bucky tracked down the dinosaur. Knowing that Olaf's brain was in the creature, Captain America rationalized with the creature and told it that Schultz had tricked him and had his sister hostage.

Olaf then led the heroes to Schultz's hideout, which the dinosaur smashed. Schultz attempted to flee but was stopped by Captain America and Bucky who freed Erda. With his sister free, Olaf grabbed Schultz and threw him off a cliff and then threw himself over the cliff as well. Both men fell to their deaths.[1]


Professor Schultz was a brilliant surgeon and was able to transplant a human brain into the body of a dinosaur.

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