Professor Tang was motivated by greed. When his wealthy wife listed her daughter Celia as the beneficiary of her will, Professor Tang put plans into motion to try and get the family fortune by any means possible. To this end, in 1935, he convinced his wife that she was crazy and had her locked in the attic, leaving everyone including her daughter to believe that she disappeared. With the aid of his butler, he kept the location of his wife hidden. Celia became more and more distraught over the years, but one day in the spring of 1943, Celia found her mother. Celia died that night, an apparent suicide, however it is more likely that Professor Tang had murdered her and made it look like a suicide.

The death attracted the attention of newspaper reporters Jeff Mace, Mary Morgan, and Jack Casey. While Mary and Jack went off to get an interview with Tang, Jeff stayed behind to do his own independent research. Finding the circumstances around the Tang family fortune strange, he paid a visit to Tang's house and found that his friends had not yet arrived. Spotting a lipstick container on a table while Tang was trying to get him to leave, Jeff was knocked out and dumped in the cellar of the house to be dealt with later.

Professor Tang then went up to the attic to shoot his wife dead. However, Jeff (as the Patriot) came to her aid and in the struggle with Tang, the gun was knocked free. Mrs. Tang then picked up the gun and shot her husband dead. The butler was soon knocked out as well and turned over to the authorities, thus ending Professor Tang's mad scheme.[1]


Professor Tang carried a pistol.

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