Professor Todt was a member of the Nazis during World War II. In the spring of 1945 he and his men were assigned to blow up American docks, which was met with constant frustration due to the vigilance of the American forces stationed as guards.

After a successful bombing, they then attempted to claim the bodies of victims at the morgue for the purposes of rigging their corpses with bombs and unleashing them into the oceans to blow up American ships. However at the morgue they had a run in with Private Steven Rogers and James Barnes who learned for the mortician that they are he and his men claimed the most bodies than anyone else at the morgue. When the mortician failed to hand over his bodies, a fight broke out that Steve and James broke up. Todt fled, vowing to get his revenge.

Arriving later that night, Todt and his men murdered the mortician and began clearing the bodies out but were interrupted by Captain America and Bucky. Todt managed to spray the heroes with his gas gun and take them prisoner. With their bombs rigged and ready to go, Todt and his men went out to sea to place the bomb. However, Captain America and Bucky managed to break free and attack Todt's ship, setting the boiler to explode, which killed Todt and his men before they could let loose their bombs.[1]




Professor Todt was armed with a gas gun.

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