Nothing is known about the past of Professor Torture. At some point in his life, he lost his right hand and became obsessed with torturing individuals. Gathering a gang, he took over an abandoned prison ship hidden on the coast of Miami and stocked it with torture devices. He then began capturing members of Florida's wealthiest families in attempts to gather large ransoms for the safe return of these captured loved ones. More often than not, Professor Torture would kill his kidnap victims and dump their bodies in the ocean.

His activities attracted the attention of the Angel who investigated the situation. The Angel would arrive too late to stop Professor Torture and his men from capturing Kevin Fitzmorgan, the son of the wealthiest family in Miami. The Angel tracked Professor Torture to his hideout where he too was captured. The Angel soon broke free, and in the scuffle against Professor Torture and his men, Torture himself was knocked onto the chopping block of a guillotine and was swiftly decapitated. Those members of his gang who weren't killed in the scuffle were bound up for the authorities.[1]


Professor Torture was missing his right hand


Professor Torture wore a hook on the nub where his right hand used to be.


Torture's men were armed with various firearms. His headquarters was stocked with various torture devices including a cauldron for hot oil, a pullet, iron maiden, and guillotine among other devices of torture.

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