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Quote1.png Yesss. I can do it. I can place this weapon for you, but remember... like everything I do, it comes with a hefty price. Quote2.png


The Profiteer was the Elder of the Universe whose sole ambition was the acquisition of wealth.[1] For centuries, she served as the arms dealer for both the Kree and the Skrulls, helping escalate the Kree/Skrull War.[3] She was also the owner of the Casino Cosmico, a gambling palace originally owned by her brother, the Grandmaster. While the Grandmaster's obsession with playing games made him treat the casino like another game, the Profiteer was focused on running it like a business.

One of the Casino Cosmico's main attractions was an arena in which the Profiteer constantly pit two child soldiers, the Kree Jo-Venn and the Skrull N'Kalla, against each other.[1] The two kids had been signed off to the Profiteer by the Kree Colonel Kal-Torr and the Skrull General J'Bahzz so that they could use the Casino Cosmico's arena as a neutral ground to grow up fighting each other.[3] The Profiteer refused to let the kids rest to drive up profits, and doubled down on this exploitation once the Kree/Skrull War ended with the formation of the Alliance, something that destabilized the cosmic economy. Jo-Venn and N'Kalla were freed from the Profiteer's grasp by the Fantastic Four after they managed to break the bank at the casino's tables, forcing the Profiteer to let the kids go in order to have her money signed off back to her.[1]

Days later, the Profiteer was contacted by Mister Fantastic to examine the Cotati's weapons on Earth's Moon, which she agreed to do for a hefty price. She analyzed the weapons and revealed they predated the Elders of the Universe. As payment for her service, the Profiteer intended to take the power sources of the weapons, along with Jo-Venn and N'Kalla, with her. As the Avengers and Fantastic Four resisted her, she threatened that she could have the Kree and Skrull empires gun them down. However, Emperor Hulkling of the Kree/Skrull Alliance reminded her that the two empires didn't exist anymore, and terminated the contract giving her custody of the children, thwarting her plan to reclaim them. She fled soon afterwards.[3]

When the Galactic Council convened at the Proscenium to review galactic treaties due to the formation of the Alliance, the Profiteer intercepted the invitation for the Sisterhood of Badoon and infiltrated the meeting posing as a representative named Lani Ko Ako. She murdered Zn'rx representative Stote to spark a war of succession and profit off through the weapons market. As Rocket Raccoon investigated the murder, Chitauri representative Peacebringer triggered a self-detonation process to kill everybody. After Rocket Raccoon figured out Lani Ko Ako was the murderer and exposed her as the Profiteer, the Galactic Council received news of Knull's starfaring bloodthirsty rampage. Realizing that the different empires would have to recover from it otherwise they wouldn't be able to buy weapons from her, the Profiteer teleported herself and Peacebringer away from the station to save the Galactic Council.[4]

With the economic situation of the entire cosmos stabilized, the Profiteer saw her business at Casino Cosmico crumble due to the absence of patrons. Desperate to get her customers back, the Profiteer sent her finest men to capture Jo-Venn and N'Kalla, intending to use their battles to pack the house again. The children fought back and the Profiteer, unwilling to let them free, attempted to end their lives, but the battle cruiser she was commanding from afar was destroyed by the Human Torch, thus ending her threat once more.[5]


The Profiteer is a self-serving individual whose only purpose is to make profits, ranging from activities like running a casino to weapon dealing and slave trading. Rocket Racoon contemplated that she could be the worst person he has ever met.[4] As such, the Profiteer has little regard for the life or well-being of other people, even her own employees and warriors.[1]



Seemingly those all the Elders of the Universe possess.


Business Management: The Profiteer administrates the Casino Cosmico.[1]

Weapons Expert: Centuries providing weapons for both the Kree and Skrull empires made the Profiteer an expert in weapons.[3]


While comparable to the Trader and the Collector in her interest in goods, both material and inmaterial, what distinguishes the profiteer is her quaestuary nature rather then tradecraft or the collection of rare objects as the former two respectively do.

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