Project: Armageddon

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Project: Armageddon
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Clandestine super-soldier program[3]
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Project Armageddon was a clandestine super-solder program and top secret genetics experiment that was dedicated to artificially inseminating female subjects to produce a mutant offspring that the United States government could research and develop as a genetic weapon. By experimenting on the subject known as Beatrice, the program yielded multiple subjects, notably Domino, but all proved to be failures until program yielded a successful subject in the form of Lazarus.[4]

Other Members

Charlie (Project Armageddon) (Earth-616)

Charlie (Project Armageddon) (Earth-616) from Domino Vol 2 3 0001


Charlie was a soldier who served in the secret government Project Armageddon.[2]


Equipment: Sentinel MK III[5]

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