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Project Earth

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Base of Operations
Various hidden safehouses, main headquarters is near Geneva, Switzerland

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Devoted to protecting the environment at all costs.

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Project Earth is an organization that promotes the protection of the environment that has conspired to commit acts of eco-terrorism. Speedball's mother, soap opera actress (and former hippie) Madeline Baldwin, joined their cause but went missing. The New Warriors went to the Amazon Rain Forest to investigate and discovered that Project Earth was planning to use their superhuman agents the Force of Nature to commit terrorist acts against developers who were deforesting the land. The groups leader Omar Barrenos had planned to kill Madelyne, frame the developers and use the outrage over the murder of a celebrity to bolster his cause.[1]

Later undercover Project Earth member Michael Shauneghann (PE's military strategist) helped the New Warrior Namortia with the villain Sea Urchin and his henchmen.[2] Shaunehann and Barrenos would later try to recruit Namorita into their organization at Sea Urchin's trial.[3]

The Folding Circle attacked Project Earth at their headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland to recruit their superhuman operative Firewall into the Folding Circle.[4]. Project Earth would later send their operatives the Force of Nature into the middle eastern country Trans-Sabal which had become involved in a civil war that was causing an environmental disaster which led to the New Warriors being drawn into the conflict. PE's operative Aqueduct murdered one of the primary aggressors in the conflict and control of the country was given to a cousin of the country's former dictator which is what the United States government wanted. [5] [6]


Michael Shaunehann was the group's military adviser, Sasha Yamir was their political analyst and Li Muan Ho was a venture capitalist who presumably financed much of Project Earth.

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