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Project Homegrown (Earth-616)
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Project Homegrown[citation needed]
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Weapon VII of the Weapon Plus program.[citation needed]
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Project: Homegrown is the Weapon VII of the Weapon Plus program. They experimented on human soldiers during the Vietnam War. Some of the known participants who died in Project: Homegrown included Andrew Perlmutter, Michael Labash, John Walsh, James MacPherson and fourteen other unknown recruits. The only known successful subject of Project: Homegrown was Sgt. Frank Simpson codenamed "Nuke", who had armored implants under his epidermis and was given Adrenaline Pills to alter and control his mood. Logan, who would later become one of Weapon Plus' victims, kidnapped Nuke as a child, who oversaw his conditioning.[citation needed]


Equipment: Adrenaline Pills

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