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Project Power, was spearheaded by Dr. Noah Burstein as part of Weapon VI.[1] Dr. Burstein worked as a surgeon in Vietnam during the Vietnam War where his experiment the Electro-Biochemical System produced the C.I.A. operative Warhawk.[2]

After the war Dr. Burstein looking for test subjects at Seagate Prison he recruited Carl Lucas as a volunteer for experimental cell regeneration. He immersed Lucas in an electrical field conducted by an organic chemical compound; when he left Lucas unattended, prison guard Albert Rackham misused the experiment's controls, hoping to maim or kill Lucas. Lucas's treatment was accelerated past its intent, inducing body-wide enhancement that gave him superhuman strength and durability.[3]

Years later, a Weapon VI upgrade possessing Wolverine's healing factor, codenamed "Adam", would be produced.[1]



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